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Pau Baizán, International...
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Tags : migration, Africa, Senegal, marriage, fertility
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Pau Baizán, International Migration and Family Change
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Pau Baizán, International Migration and Family Change - Descripción

The link between family processes and migration has often been overlooked. This is especially the case with respect to the impact in origin societies and on transnational family arrangements. Here I will show some results from the project Migrations Between Africa and Europe as an example, emphasizing the context specificity of family-migration interactions.rnIn the first part, I will examine how economic and marriage strategies interact with migration. Marriage migration and family reunification are conceived as a multi-level process, in which migration policies in destination countries interact with the family and gender models of the origin society. These processes are informative of the functioning of the marriage markets and the levels of marginalization or opportunities for integration. rnIn the second part, I will analyze the interrelationships between migration and fertility. The effects of selection, adaptation and timing of these processes will be assessed, as well as the impact of migration on the level of fertility in the origin country.rnMigrant social capital has a key role in transforming the economics of reproduction and in conveying new ideas. The results suggest that a high emigration level can speed–up the fertility transition.

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Pau Baizán, International Migration and Family Change - Biografía

Pau Baizan is ICREA Research Professor at Pompeu Fabra University (ICREA: Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies). Previously, he was research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (2000-2002), lecturer at the University of Louvain (1996-1999), where he received his PhD in Demography, and research associate at the University of Cambridge (1994-1995). He is the author of numerous articles in social science journals, and has participated in several international research projects, such as “Migration between Africa and Europe”, and “Policy Responses to Low Fertility”. Currently he is the PI of the project Socio-Demographic Consequences of the Great Recession: Altered Class and Gender Relations? funded by the Spanish State Agency for Research.


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