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Stephen A. Matthews,...
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Stephen A. Matthews, Spatial Demography: Progress and Prospect
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Stephen A. Matthews, Spatial Demography: Progress and Prospect - Descripción

In this talk I will define spatial demography and reflect on its position within the wider discipline, as well as discussing future or anticipated directions the field may take, with the focus once more on both research and instruction. I will discuss salient issues in conceptual and spatial thinking, data privacy, data and measurement, and methods and applications (including comparisons between multilevel, network and spatial analytical frameworks). Also, I will include a review of spatial demography as presented in the pages of some of our journals, along with a discussion on the future contribution of spatial demographers in big research questions, and their engagement in interdisciplinary and team science, including mixed method research and qualitative studies.

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Stephen A. Matthews, Spatial Demography: Progress and Prospect - Biografía

Stephen A. Matthews is Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Demography (Courtesy Geography and School of International Affairs) and for the past five years has been director of the Graduate Program in Demography at Penn State. The Graduate Program in Demography is a multi-department, multi-college, dual-degree program with over 40+ faculty, 60+ graduate students and 30+ substantive and methods courses. Matthews was trained in quantitative geography and planning and for eighteen years served as director of the Geographic Information Analysis (GIA) Core at Penn State’s NICHD-funded Population Research Institute. He has led NIH-funded training initiatives in spatial thinking and methodologies applied to health and demographic research in the United States, and was co-editor of a recent book, (Howell, Porter, and Matthews, 2016). The central tenets of Matthews’ teaching and research scholarship are population health and health inequality in community contexts. He has published in the leading journals in several fields - demography, sociology, geography, public health and epidemiology - on topics including residential segregation and neighborhood change, activity space research, physical activity, diet and obesity, food environments, alcohol outlets, adolescent risk-taking behaviors, access to health, women’s health, mortality, border malaria, social/spatial networks, crime, and religious landscapes. Matthews was an associate editor for Demographic Research (2012-2016) and has recently served on the editorial boards of four other journals: American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2005-2016); Spatial Demography (2012-2016) and GeoJournal (2010-2016).. He has served on the editorial board of since 2010, and in 2016 began formal duties as co-editor of the journal (term: 2016-2019).


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