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Shuzhuo Li. Internal...
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Shuzhuo Li. Internal Migration, Social Integration and Public Policy in China
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Shuzhuo Li. Internal Migration, Social Integration and Public Policy in China - Descripción

Summary: In many developing countries including China, large numbers of internal migrants move to cities from rural areas in pursuit of an urban dream. China’s massive migration has had transformative social, economic, and demographic consequences for the country and even the world. Rural-urban migrants are far from being integrated into the mainstream of urban communities. I will first present the background to rural-urban migration and then conceptualize the social integration of rural-urban migrants, and use nationally representative data to describe the status of their social integration or lack thereof. I will go on to present a study that empirically investigates the link between social integration and mental health among rural-urban migrants. The central government has made two attempts to expand social welfare to rural-urban migrants, hukou conversion and ad hoc social program expansion. I will finally provide evidence from Shaanxi Province to evaluate China’s migrant integration policy and discuss the migration-related institutional challenges it faces.

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Shuzhuo Li. Internal Migration, Social Integration and Public Policy in China - Biografía

Biography:Shuzhuo Li is currently University Distinguished Professor of Population and Development Policy Studies and Director of the Institute for Population and Development Studies at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, and Consulting Professor at the Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies, Stanford University. He received his PhD in System Engineering in 1991 from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. He is a member of the Social Sciences Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Education. His research is focused on population and development as well as public policies in contemporary transitional China, including population policies, aging and health, migration and urbanization, gender and development, ecosystem services and human wellbeing.


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