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Matteo Manfredini. Solitaries:The Past and Present of Living Alone in Central Italy
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Matteo Manfredini. Solitaries:The Past and Present of Living Alone in Central Italy - Descripción

The rise in one-person households is one of the most important phenomena of the current sociodemographic dynamics of Western countries, and represents one of the central and most distinctive elements of the second demographic transition.rnThe study contrasts current and past trajectories in lone-person households in Italy, using individual data and life-history analyses of the urban population of Parma (about 170,000 inhabitants) between 1989 and 2000, and the 19th-century Tuscan community of Casalguidi (about 2,500 inhabitants) in the period 1819-1859. Beyond the obvious differences in the socioeco-nomic context and demographic system, the aim is to highlight the different patterns of formation of one-person households in the two historical systems, which underlie profound differences in the way living alone was regarded by society in the two historical periods.

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Matteo Manfredini. Solitaries:The Past and Present of Living Alone in Central Italy - Biografía

Matteo Manfredini is Associate Professor of Demography at the University of Parma, where he teaches demography and statistics. He is currently a member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Historical Demography (SIDES), as well as serving on the editorial board of the Peter Lang book series “Population, Family, and Society”.rnHis research activity has primarily focused on the study of the demographic mechanisms of past populations, centering on the reconstruction of individual and family life histories of local Italian populations. In this regard, he was a member of the Italian team within the Eurasian Project on Population and Family History (EAP), where he actively contributed to the three vol-umes published by the MIT Press.rnHe is also author or co-author of numerous publications in leading journals of demography and population studies, mostly on the demographic dynamics and family systems of pre-transitional Italy.


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