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Joel E.Cohen. Hunger Does Not Pay
Summary: People grow more than enough food to feed all people adequately. In 2017-2018, the world grew enough cereal grains to provide adequaternfood energy for 10 billion to 13...
Agregado: Apr 17, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Rebecca Sear. Beyond the Nuclear Family
Summary: Despite a widespread assumption that the nuclear family is normative, the family takes a number of different forms cross-culturally. In this talk, I’ll present...
Agregado: Apr 4, 2019
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 160

María Ángeles Durán Heras. The Demographic Frame of the Economics of Care
Summary: Public spending accounts for more than 40% of Spanish GDP, and much of this expenditure is conditioned by the demographic structure: children and young people in the...
Agregado: Apr 2, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Michel Oris. Longitudinal Statistics in Switzerland and Their Application to Mortality Studies.
Biography: Michel Oris is a full professor at the School of Social Sciences, University of Geneva. Vice-Rector for Research and Human Resources from mid-2015 to mid-2018, he was...
Agregado: Mar 27, 2019
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 161

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