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Prof Elspeth Graham, The longer-term effects of parental migration on the psychological well-being of children
Summary: Every year thousands of parents in Southeast Asia join the outflow of labour migrants, often motivated by a desire to give their children a better future. Compared to...
Agregado: Sep 10, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Prof. John Palmer, Digital Demography, Human-Mosquito Interactions, and the Socio-Ecological Context of Vector-Borne Disease.
Summary: In this talk I will explain how digital demography is transforming vector-borne disease research. Digital traces and active mobile positioning methods are improving our...
Agregado: Aug 22, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Prof. Mikko Myrskylä, How late is too late? Parental age and child outcomes.
Summary: A major demographic trend in the latter half of the 20th century, and in the early 21st century, has been postponement of childbearing. The mean age at first birth has...
Agregado: Aug 18, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Professor Peter M. Atkinson. Downscaling African disease case data from hospitals to fine resolution maps.
Summary: Health case data from Africa (e.g., from hospitals, health centres and dispensaries) are collected routinely on a monthly basis within Health Management Information...
Agregado: Aug 15, 2019
De: Demography Today
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