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Prof Alberto Palloni. Echoes from the past and the evolution of human mortality.
Summary: The decline of human mortality is a unique phenomenon that distinguishes the evolution of Homo Sapiens from that of other species. In the short span of two hundred or...
Agregado: Sep 24, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Prof. Johan Mackenbach. Epidemiologic Transitions in Europe: How Do Spain and Portugal Compare?
Summary:Over the past 300 years, population health in Europe has improved enormously, but with important differences between countries. Average life expectancy at birth has...
Agregado: Jul 21, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Cécile Viboud, Transmission Dynamics and Epidemiology of Pandemic Influenza
There are important gaps in our understanding of the global burden and transmission dynamics of pandemic influenza. Based on retrospective analysis of a variety of historical...
Agregado: Mar 26, 2018
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 1,416

Gerardo Chowell, Forecasting Infectious Disease Epidemics Using Dynamic Modeling: Ebola and Zika as Case Studies
Mathematical modeling offers a powerful toolkit to improve our understanding of infectious disease transmission and control. The increasing use of mathematical models for...
Agregado: Jul 26, 2017
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 1,684

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