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Gerardo Chowell, Forecasting Infectious Disease Epidemics Using Dynamic Modeling: Ebola and Zika as Case Studies
Mathematical modeling offers a powerful toolkit to improve our understanding of infectious disease transmission and control. The increasing use of mathematical models for...
Agregado: Jul 26, 2017
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 548

WladimirJAlonso-Epidemics and Pandemics of Influenza: An Example of Limitations on Predictive Modeling Efforts
Efforts in global health need to not only deal with current challenges but also to anticipate new scenarios, which sometimes unfold at lightning speed. Predictive modeling is...
Agregado: Jun 2, 2017
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 471

Enrique Frías Martínez-Big Data for Social Good: Modeling Epidemics and Migrations from a Telco Perspective
Big Data is emerging as one of the major techonological trends of our time. A large portion of this data is being generated by humans, and particularly through their mobile...
Agregado: May 25, 2017
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 1,436

Jim Oeppen “¿Han cambiado los antibióticos el ritmo del envejecimiento humano?”
Tener una vida larga no significa que se envejece más lentamente. Los demógrafos distinguen entre el nivel de mortalidad y el envejecimiento –definido como la tasa a la cual...
Agregado: Jun 22, 2012
De: Demography Today
Vistas : 7,865

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