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Prof. John Palmer, Digital Demography, Human-Mosquito Interactions, and the Socio-Ecological Context of Vector-Borne Disease.
Summary: In this talk I will explain how digital demography is transforming vector-borne disease research. Digital traces and active mobile positioning methods are improving our...
Agregado: Aug 22, 2019
De: Demography Today
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Carol Jagger, Trends in Healthy Life Expectancy – What Might the Future Hold?
One of the most important questions with population ageing is whether the extra years of life we are enjoying, around two years increase in life expectancy every decade, are...
Agregado: Apr 10, 2018
De: Demography Today
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George Alter, Income, Disability, and Old Age Mortality among Early Twentieth Century Railroad Retirees
This study with co-author Samuel Williamson looks at the effect of income on survival after retirement in the early 20th century. In 1900 the Pennsylvania Railroad, which was...
Agregado: Mar 26, 2018
De: Demography Today
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Virgilio Gómez Rubio, 4.- Disease mapping with R
Governments and statistical agencies often make available area-level data on a number of topics (mortality, population, socio-economic variables, etc.) for different...
Agregado: Aug 9, 2017
De: Demography Today
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